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The popup museum is an event that gives many artists the opportunity to showcase their imagination while given a concept. I was chosen to participate in this notorious event that happens once a year whilst given the Idea "wake me up when 2021 ends"" which i specifically chose The new conception of home space versus exterior.


Corona, epidemic That caught us unprepared, we did not expect a new world order in which all the laws of nature change. It Started from one country and retired to collective dimensions and so suddenly, we found ourselves with the whole world locked in our house. Throughout the months we have heard fascinating, funny, dark and sad stories. We have all been in a complex world experience Which was divided into those who enjoyed the silence versus those who lived in a sense of anxiety in the face of existential survival. We were Concentrating on ourselves, at home, on objects and for a moment we also forgot what is happening in nature outside.


I am One of them, who experienced the silence and slowdown of time very comfortably. I went into my creative world and suddenly I felt like a little girl again. The phenomenon that caught my attention the most was when the animals outside began to return to their “sources”. Suddenly I saw the animals wandering fearlessly in the land we seemingly conquered for them, and created a path for our own convenience. and this Excited and fascinated me and also put me into thoughts and wonders about how suddenly one percent of the pollution went down insanely and here the world manages to breathe again. In my next entry I want to convey the surrealistic experience where outside, inside man and beast collide. The purpose Of creation is to make us humans remember how precious our nature is, that we literally cannot live without it. He is within us, from the outside in and in the whole environment and we should take care of that.

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