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I was grateful to be part of collaboration between my fashion college 'Studio 6B' and Neve Tirza - Woman’s prison. I was one of a few students chosen to participate in a six months program teaching inmates design skills, pattern-making and sewing. I was allocated with a special woman with a fascinating life story to whom I imparted my fashion knowledge and guided through creative processes. Together we created a collection of garments with her chosen theme of Freedom, making use of motifs such as flowers, gardens and calmness.

Having connected to a woman from a different background and circumstances in a creative and learning environment, i was humbled and filled with gratitude and inspiration.

I was honoured to showcase one of the pieces at Midburn (Burning Man in Israel) which received media attention and appeared in billboards.

#sketches #fashion #art #fabrics #flowers #nature #inspiration  This is a project I did wi
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