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Femine Beast Scuplture

The piece is based on my deepest feelings and life experiences that I present in external features by using data materials I had, because my agenda is based on recycling and preserving the environment. I found in my home: a book of Haruki Marukami, upholstery of bras, embroidery threads, acrylic, a print of hands that belonged to a previous project, and horns I had brought from South Africa. It created in me the perfect puzzle to express the inner qualities of my creativity.

I arranged everything in a composition that symbolizes the essential body features of the woman: Breasts, heart, hips, abdomen and ... vagina, like the Chakras. These elements bring me to my feminist positions and questions about my identity as a woman. Questions like: What are my boundaries between sex and intimacy? What is my sexual limit in relation to the environment I am in? Which touch do I agree to and which touch do I not agree with? I guess these are the same questions that every woman experiences universally.

 I drew a corset-shaped figure with embroidery Xs to illustrate my feelings of how I sometimes feel imprisoned, imprisoned in my mind, imprisoned in a patterned society. That the truth sometimes confuses me and it takes a fucking journey to get to self salvation

Anonymity is the thing when people with no face and no identity, sometimes just names and texts are on the net. Artists in general, street artists in particular are only there on a wall / canvas with no clear identity. if there is no personal acquaintance, we know them by only names in their style, but rarely by their true identity

But the body ... is an artistic subject that has been researched since the dawn of art history. The torso becomes an image of searching for the perfect figure proportions also without identity, without face, without limbs only body in the hand of the creator. If we connect these two elements we get .. NoBodyZ


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art exhibition from Urbaniacs

in collaboration with and hosting of the "Wings Gallery" in Jaffa

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